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Re4Earth's contribution to Stripe Climate

We appreciate your support to us, so we give back with every purchase you make. We have selected Stripe as our payment processing platform for all e-commerce transactions. We decided as well to be part of Stripe Climate, a coalition of businesses accelerating carbon removal. No company can stop climate change by itself. Stripe Climate aggregates funds from forward-thinking businesses around the world to increase demand for carbon removal.

We are proud contributors of Stripe Climate initiative, thanks to your purchases! Read below Stripe Climate latest progress:

  • In April, Stripe launched Frontier, an advanced market commitment (AMC) to purchase $925M of carbon removal—on behalf of Stripe, Stripe Climate members, and other partners—over the next nine years.

  • Frontier facilitated its first purchases in June. Stripe Climate members contributed to $7.8m of carbon removal purchases from six promising new companies, and are the first customers for all of them.

  • Heirloom, a company from Spring 2021 cohort, raised $53M in Series A financing to fund the first deployment of their low-cost, scalable direct air capture process.

Stripe Climate works with Frontier, Stripe's in-house team of science and commercial experts committed to carbon removal technologies, to make carbon removal purchases. Frontier is advised by a multidisciplinary group of top scientific experts to help us evaluate the most promising carbon removal technologies. Some of Frontier's projects are:

  • AspiraDAC ($1,000 / ton) is building a modular, solar-powered direct air capture system in Australia with the energy supply integrated into the modules. Their solution uses a novel material with low temperature heat requirements and a path to cheap input costs.

  • Calcite-Origen ($1,800 / ton), a collaboration between 8 Rivers and Origen, accelerates the natural process of carbon mineralization by contacting highly reactive lime with ambient air to capture CO₂.

  • Lithos ($500 / ton) accelerates the natural process of mineral weathering by spreading basalt on croplands to increase dissolved inorganic carbon in the soil. Their technology uses novel soil models and machine learning to maximize CO₂ removal while boosting crop growth.

  • RepAir ($1,600 / ton) uses clean electricity to capture CO₂ from the air using a novel electrochemical cell and partners with Carbfix to inject and mineralize the CO₂ underground.

  • Travertine ($1,370 / ton) is re-engineering chemical production for carbon removal. Using electrochemistry, Travertine permanently converts carbon dioxide from the air into carbonate minerals that are stable on geologic timescales.

  • Living Carbon (R&D) is applying synthetic biology tools to engineer natural systems for improved and durable carbon capture. They are conducting research to engineer algae to rapidly produce sporopollenin, a highly durable biopolymer which can then be dried, harvested, and stored.

The project applications and contracts from this round of purchases can be viewed on GitHub. The full portfolio can be found on the Frontier and Stripe Climate sites.

If you are a Re4Earth®e-shop customer you have already joined us inscaling carbon removal! If not, take a look at our eco-friendly products and be a part of our contribution to Save the Planet!


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