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Re4Earth by Upcycling Candles - "Mother Earth"

Re4Earth by Upcycling Candles - "Mother Earth"

SKU: R4E00039

Introducing "Mother Earth" from the Re4Earth by Upcycling Candles.


This extraordinary candle is a symbol of reverence for our planet, embodying the delicate balance between nature and art. Crafted by Upcycling Candles, for Re4Earth, "Mother Earth" pays homage to our shared commitment to sustainability.


Crafted through the innovative upcycling concept, this candle is shaped like our beloved Earth. Upcycling Candles collects discarded wax, breathes new life into it, and sculpts it into a unique representation of our planet. Each "Mother Earth" candle is a singular masterpiece, showcasing the unpredictable blend of colors and scents inherited from its origin candles.


Whether you receive a vibrant representation of Earth's surface or a more subdued, natural color palette, the essence of sustainability and zero-waste culture is seamlessly woven into every detail of "Mother Earth." By embracing the element of chance, this eco-friendly candle becomes a tangible expression of our dedication to a greener future.


Choosing "Mother Earth" is not just acquiring a decorative piece; it's a conscious step towards supporting a vision for environmental responsibility. Join us in celebrating the beauty of our planet with a "Mother Earth" piece,  – a harmonious fusion of art, sustainability, and devotion to the well-being of our Earth.

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In any such case, please do not hesitate to contact Re4Earth Team to guide you. 

Attention: You cannot return or request refund for this product, for any other matter, due to personal hygiene reasons.

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