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5 Greek content creators we love because they love ecology...and not only that!

As you can understand the ecology niche is our favorite. Not only because we are a company that sells environmentally friendly products, but also because we think it is not heard as often as it should be. Huge Hauls from fast-fashion companies, mukbangs that result in food waste and over-consumerism are basically themes for the majority of content produced by domestic influencers.

Thus, we are very inspired to see content creators who promote, either directly or indirectly, a greener lifestyle and we present to you our favorites:

5 Greek content creators we love because they love ecology...and not only that!

1) Madame Ginger

Madame Ginger or Marilou, is one of the most successful food bloggers in Greece. Beyond the delicious recipes she comes up with, the whole philosophy of her channel revolves around ecology and sustainability. From the easyGreen column, the zero-waste recipes and the mini tips of each video, visiting Madame will not only please your stomach but also the planet.

2) Mary Synatsaki

In addition to being a successful businesswoman and tv-presenter, Mary Synatsaki is undeniably one of the most influential content creators with a presence on all mainstream platforms. Among the topics she wants to highlight as a creator is the protection of the environment by giving relevant tips in her videos and posts. Surely her content will inspire you on how to make your everyday life a little more sustainable.

3) Kristen Leo

Kristen has dedicated her life to ecology and saving the planet. On her YouTube channel you will find content mainly related to ethical fashion, sustainability and veganism. She has been on YouTube since 2014 and three years ago she took part in the fashion reality show MyStyleRocks to promote her message to a wider audience.

4) Zoe pre

Zoe Pre is one of the oldest and most successful YouTube creators. Although her content is not purely related to ecology, Zoi seems to be particularly aware of the issue. Between vid-casts, vlogs, tik-tok jokes and José (her dog) you will find tips and suggestions for a more ecological lifestyle.

5) Claire Dimopoulou

Besides being a talented make-up artist, Claire has been actively involved with Youtube and social media for many years. One of the basic philosophies that characterizes and her content has to do with the minimalist lifestyle. So, beyond makeup you will find content that might de-influence you from your next purchase by giving you ideas on how to make better use of the things you already have.

Tell us who is your eco-favorite!


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