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6 Ways to Be a More Considerate Shopper During COVID-19

By Nancy Schimelpfening

  • The CDC has made certain recommendations during the COVID-19 pandemic to keep us all safer.

  • Being a considerate shopper means following these guidelines.

  • It's also important to be aware of the needs of others so everyone is able to buy the food and supplies they need.

  • Store employees and delivery personnel also deserve our consideration.

If you're the person who does the shopping in your home, you may have felt a great deal of frustration during the past several weeks.

Although we're being encouraged to follow certain measures to prevent the spread of the disease COVID-19, it seems that some of our fellow shoppers are not always following them.

Whether they're crowding in between us, bursting our carefully cultivated 6-foot bubbles of space, or leaving their discarded gloves in their carts for the next person to remove, these shoppers are rude and infuriating.

But for the rest of us who may not want to be "that person," here are six ways to be a more considerate shopper.


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