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Embrace the Season: Your Ultimate Guide to Skin Moisturization in Autumn

As the leaves change colour and the wind gets choppier, we find beauty in the changing seasons. But aside from knitted sweaters and warm coffee, there's one more change we need to make in the new season: taking care of our skin. With the colder weather approaching, it's the perfect time to give our skin a little extra hydration and care.

Skin Moisturization

Why is hydration important in autumn and winter?

As the temperature drops, so does the humidity in the air. This decrease in moisture can have many negative effects on our skin, leaving it dry, dull, and prone to irritation.

Hydration has become the number one weapon in our routine to combat the effects of cold weather. Of course, it's not just about appearance. A healthy, hydrated skin also acts as a barrier against external pollutants and helps maintain its natural balance.

Skin Moisturization

Tips for effective hydration:

  • Choose the right moisturizer: Choose richer, creamier moisturizers that provide a protective layer on your skin. Look for ingredients like hyaluronic acid or natural oils that lock in moisture.

  • Hydrate from the inside: Don't forget to drink plenty of water. Hydration starts from within, so keep drinking water throughout the day to keep your skin plump and glowing.

  • Gentle Cleansing: Use a mild cleanser that doesn't strip your skin of its natural oils. Over-cleansing can lead to dryness, so find a balance that suits your skin's needs.

  • Exfoliate wisely: Exfoliating regularly helps remove dead skin cells and allows moisturizers to penetrate better. However, don't overdo it - once or twice a week is enough.

  • Lock in moisture: Apply moisturizer immediately after cleansing while your skin is still damp. This helps seal in moisture and creates a protective film against external contaminants.

  • Lip care: Don't forget your lips! The delicate skin on your lips is prone to chapping. Use a nourishing lip balm to keep them soft and hydrated.

  • Protection from the elements: Remember that even on cloudy days, UV rays can affect your skin. Apply sunscreen to exposed skin before going outside.

  • Incorporate Re4Earth herbal products: While we're talking about skincare, we can't help but mention our Face and Lip Balms!

Made with natural ingredients, the Balms provide an extra layer of hydration and protection during the colder months. The Rise & Shine Moisturizing Face Balm, enriched with Hippophaes, is designed to replenish your skin's moisture barrier, while the Lip Balm, kissing me softly keeps your lips soft and smooth. Remember, it's all about giving your skin the care it deserves.

Skin Moisturization

Welcome the new season by caring for your skin with the hydration it needs and don't forget the importance of hydrating from within. Whether you're getting ready for a walk or sipping hot chocolate by the fire, your skin will thank you for the extra love and attention.

So, let's face the "cold" months with a glow and enjoy the journey to healthier and hydrated skin.


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