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Green Gifting Guide: Sustainable and Stylish Christmas Presents for Every Friend

Christmas starts when the first tree is decorated and you are invited to the first Secret Santa of the year...everyone knows that. And now the drama begins: you must figure out what gift to get and to whom, not to mention the crowds and queues at the checkouts during high-peak shopping hours. The festive atmosphere of the season certainly makes shopping a little more bearable, but the hustle and bustle steals a lot of the 'magic' of Christmas.

At Re4Earth we have put together the ultimate online shopping guide for what gift suits each of your friends. That way, you don't waste time and help the environment at the same time. A clear win-win.

Metal straw.

Useful, practical yet stylish, ideal for the friend who:

- loves coffee

- is busy

- often manifests

- drinks cold coffee all year round

- is a minimalist

Beeswax wrap

Reusable, made from natural materials with a one-year shelf life.

- is a foodie

- is a parent

- loves camping

- loves the picnic

- is a healthnut

Tame it Up Beard Balm

- has a beard (duh)

- is a hipster

- is a lumberjack

- likes lime

Re4earth Ultimate Dental Bundle Pack

Consisting of Bamboo toothbrush, Bamboo case and plant-based Re-fillable dental floss is ideal for the friend who:

- is minimalist

- travels often

- Loves practicality

- is a health nut

- is very organized

- loves salads

- smiles all the time

Kissing me Softly Lip Balm

- loves winter

- likes peach

- loves France

- loves the Fugees

Rise and Shine Face Balm

- lives a demanding everyday life

- loves sunbathing

- is an early bird

Walking on Sunshine Leg Lifting Oil

- is obsessed with the 80's

- loves summer

- loves dancing and gymnastics

- loves going to the spa

I think we have covered all the categories, all that remains is to place your order. Happy Holidays!


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