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Sustainable Valentine's Day: How to go green on the reddest day of the year!


Sustainable Gift Guide


Valentine's day is approaching. As much as we are in favor of love and celebrating companionship, we notice that over the years this, has somehow, been lost in translation... Under the guise of love, many companies have commercialized this day to such an extent that most of us forget the meaning and we focus on the fuzz around it. Beyond the essence of Valentine's day, it is worth noting one more aspect that brings with it any form of hyper-consumerism: the effects on the environment.

Consider that just the flowers produced and transported for this day burden the planet with 360,000 tons of carbon dioxide (!), while we don't think we need to mention the impact of seasonal gifts that are usually made with zero usability, from plastic or other bad material quality and probably end up in the bin after a while. Besides, this article was not made with the intention of creating regrets, nor to prevent you from buying a gift for your loved ones. We made this article to encourage you (or to suggest, if you already have it in mind) to make more sustainable choices, which will have utilitarian value and will last much longer than the 24 hours of February 14th.

Sustainable gifts

Beautiful for us, beautiful for the environment too!

Cosmetics are a classic gift choice as they are an integral part of many people's routines. We are sure that the recipient will love them, especially since they are efficiently and qualitatively made. At Re4Earth we have created, in collaboration with Kear, a signature collection of sustainable face and body care cosmetics. Depending on your significant other's needs, you can choose between Kissing me Softly Lip Balm, Walking on Sunshine leg lifting oil and Rise and Shine Moisturizing Face Balm, which are suitable for all genders and all skin types! This means that you won't have a hard time finding a gift that suits the person you have in mind. Also, exclusively for the male audience, we’ve created the Tame It Up Beard Balm, which will be loved by those who want a well-groomed & hydrated beard. It makes a wonderful and original gift for the men in your life!

Let’s build a sustainable everyday life. One step at a time.

If you are still not sure about the right care gift, at Re4Earth we also offer more practical everyday gift options. A complete set of daily oral hygiene or a metal straw, in addition to being environmentally friendly, is an occasion to show the other person that you think of them on a daily basis. Of course, if you haven’t made up your mind yet, there is also the Eco-eGift Card option. Just select the amount and the recipient will be free to choose the products of his/her taste.

After all, it's not just the inside that matters; the outside is important too

Nevertheless, choosing a gift is not the only way you can go 'green' this Valentine's Day. You can choose a recyclable or reusable bag for the gift packaging, while now there are ecological and special solutions even for the wish card.

We would suggest you check out the company Conseedarate and their Valentine’s Day Cards collection. Conseedarate cards are biodegradable and plantable! Yes, you can plant the card and see it turn into a wonderful plant or flower! A special choice to show that you really put in a lot of time and thought and didn't go off the obvious choice.


That's all from us! Enjoy this day! Share love, share gifts, create moments...but don't forget the environment!


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