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Two Green Brand Awards for Re4Earth®, and our journey has just begun!

We are delighted to have won two awards at the Green Brand Awards 2023 on Tuesday, March 21st, at the House Marriott Hotel. The event was organized by BOUSSIAS under the auspices of the Union of Certified Environmentalists of Greece.

Our products received a gold award in the Green Bath Product category for the Re4Earth® Bamboo Toothbrush and a silver award in the Green Kitchen Product category for the Re4Earth® Metal Reusable Straws.

All of us here at Re4Earth® are proud and excited about these two awards, which show us that we are moving in the right direction while also rewarding us for our continued research and effort to create products that are truly environmentally friendly.

We hope that the shift towards sustainability and ecology is not just another trend of the moment but a new way of life that is here to stay. Our vision is to continue to offer truly environmentally friendly products and to educate the public in this direction.

We want to introduce ourselves to the customers as a truly eco-friendly brand because:

  • All our partners have been carefully selected to ensure that not only the products, but also the outer packaging, the packaging of the e-shop parcels, and everything else we use, is truly environmentally friendly.

  • All our sales (retail & wholesale) are linked to donations to selected organizations whose mission is to protect the environment.

  • We are actively involved in actions that matter, such as "Adopt a Beach", through WWF's ground-breaking citizen science initiative, to combat plastic coastal pollution. See more about our action here.

So, by shoping from Re4Earth®, you're not just changing a habit; you're also actively helping to protect the environment in all the above ways!

Join us on this journey towards sustainability and ecology!


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