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The importance of choosing sustainable products

As consumers, we can have a significant impact on the well-being of our planet through the choices we make when purchasing products.

By knowing what materials are used and the methods by which they are produced, we can make a difference.

re4earth x dear natural cosmetics


Why make purchases with sustainable criteria?

Given that products can have a large impact on human health and the environment, there are several important benefits to using sustainable goods:


  • Less exposure to toxic substances

  • Reducing air pollution

  • Water pollution reduction

  • Conservation of natural resources

  • Ecosystem protection


What changes we can make

You don't need to make all the changes at once, a simple way to start is with everyday items.

A bathroom is a place where we replace toiletries quite often, so the next time it's time to change your toothbrush, for example, opt for a bamboo one.

Another way to make the transition is to prefer products with spare parts, in most cases, the packaging of products is just as burdensome to the environment.

Try flossing with refills, reusable products, or even packaging-free products like a bar of soap.

re4earth x dear natural cosmetics

Why is it important to choose sustainable products for us too?

From the soap we will wash our hands to the deodorant we will use, it is important to know what it contains.

Many beauty products contain harmful substances for humans, such as Parabens, Phalates and Silicones.

Prefer natural cosmetics that do not contain harmful substances and have been created by specialized dermatologists.

You can see here our collection of cosmetics with natural ingredients, designed for the daily needs of the skin.


One item at a time

What matters most is making conscious choices about our daily habits.

Whether that's the face cream we'll use or choosing to take public transportation once in a while. By having a holistic approach to environmental protection and personal care, we have already made a difference..





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